Jackson Flexible Products

Jackson Flexible Products has been in the custom molded rubber business since 1969 with quick, reliable, quality parts and service. We make products for aircraft, automotive, aerospace, computer, and many other industries. We have the capability to create the initial design, develop the compound, create prototypes, and mass produce products for most anyone.

Jackson Flexible Products is certified to AS9100, and IS09001/2000 Quality Standards.

jackson flexible

We do everything with our customers in mind.

That's why we mold different elastomers, we can compound to meet your specific needs, we have our own machine shop to create custom molds, we use the latest technologies to create our products, and we visually and dimensionally inspect our parts to insure the highest quality. We're always happy to consult with you about your molding requirements or problems. Just give us a call or send us your prints!

We are registered with the Department of Defense and Directorate of Defense Trade Controls under AECA and ITAR. We are also listed on the IAQG Oasis Certified Supplier database.

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